"Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge" by Claude Monet - 15.6" Square Timeless Mood Mat

Mood Mats

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  • Basic Information:
    • Made in New Jersey
    • Dimensions - 15.6" x 15.6"
    • Condition - New/Unused
    • Included Accessories: Timeless Glass Gallery vinyl sticker
  • Description:
    • The original Mood Mat™, the only surface you should ever set your glass on!  Protect your prized possession or investment from scuffs and damages!
    • Made from upcycled rubber material and very environmentally-friendly
    • Best-in-the-business quality material and printed images, very thick and durable
    • These have been made as a collaborative effort between TGG and Mood Mats, to make sure these iconic works of art are represented as accurately and vibrantly as possible after being printed on a mat!  
    • Every design uses a custom shape in order to preserve the original ratio which requires a custom-size die specific only to this particular artwork, and have been derived from the most detailed and highest-definition photograph of the original artwork, which are then optimized for the Mood Mat printing format.  
    • Please visit lavarubber.com to learn more about moodmats.com's scrap upcycling project

  • Artwork Information:

    • Iconic oil painting by the master and pioneer of impressionism, Claude Monet, that also was an inspiration behind a popular Banksy work.  The original painting was a part of a massive series of waterlily-themed paintings that is estimated to reach over 250 in quantity, as Monet was known to paint the same subject over and over again, from different perspective and in various times of day/seasons of the year, until completely satisfied with the portrayal of the scenery. 
    • This painting is known as the most beautiful and well-executed out of all of the waterlily paintings, with its incredible use and layering of colors that provide amazing depth to the entire painting, especially the water that appears magnificently translucent as well as vibrant, with an empty bridge subtly arching over the pond. 

Vendor: Mood Mats

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