Our Values

“Life is short, puff tough outta something heady.” - Jason Lee

We believe that you don’t have to break the bank or risk getting scammed just to buy a piece you can be happy with, and are committed to providing our customers with the best value on pieces that are made without compromise, while helping our artists earn the recognition they deserve.  It is our goal that you are informed as much as you would be, as if you were walking into a store and holding the piece in your hands, including the history of it.  Please refer to the FAQ Page to better understand the terms used in our product descriptions.

We try our best to make our images resemble how the piece appears in person; as you may be able to tell, we only use minimal amount of editing on our pictures.  Also, all pieces are carefully inspected prior to being displayed. Every discernible manufacturing defect, flaws, and wear/tear on the pieces will be closely portrayed in product pictured and/or mentioned in the description to the best of our ability.  That includes fading of the brand label, scuffing, chip, fleabite, stain, blooming, patina, etc., and we will not sell any pieces with issues such as cracks that will compromise its structural integrity (that does not include "checks" or light surface cracks), or deformities/distortions that will significantly affect its intended function.  

However, please keep in mind that these borosilicate glass pieces are handmade works of art.  Everybody’s expectation of “acceptable” is different, and no pieces will be 100% perfect, flawless, uniform, and symmetrical from every angle, and execution is definitely factored into the pricing in a very fair manner.  The golden standard for us is that if the artist has signed his/her name on the piece to be sold as their work, it is acceptable to be sold by us; we try to carry pieces made by artists that are the harshest critics of their own work.  We strongly recommend that you inspect every picture carefully and read the entire description before making a purchase.

If you find any issues with the piece that we have failed to mention or portray, please return it to us and we will provide you with a full refund including shipping both ways (Please refer to our Return Policy).