UV-Protective Archival Frame Kit for Tie Dye Shirts/Sweatshirts - 20" x 24"

Timeless Glass Gallery

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    • Dimensons:  Glass Display Area - 20" x 24" 
                             Outer Dimension - 20.8125" x 24.8125"
                             Frame Thickness - 1.25" 
    • Description:
      • Conservation-grade Archival Frame Kit designed specifically for tie dye clothing, so that you can proudly display your prized collection on the wall without worrying about any long-term damage or fading!   Simple and elegant appearance that proudly and beautifully showcases the art!  

      • 99% UV-protective acrylic to display your cel with crystal clarity, while offering the best protection at the same time to prevent any fading of the artwork that may occur from exposure to light!  The 20" x 24" display area works well with size L or larger. 

      • Choose between shallow and deep frame rabbit (the space between the glass and the backing, where the content is stored) depending on the style of apparel you are framing.  Short/long-sleeve T-shirts will fit perfectly with the shallow rabbit, sweatshirts will fit with the deep rabbit.  

      • Antiaging Liner infused with patented Micro Chamber technology to absorb damaging air pollutants from affecting the art, with easy-to-hang loops on the back for both horizontal and vertical orientation!

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