Tessellated Charm Auto-spinning Blender w/ 6mm Pearl - 20mm OD Bucket

Quave CB

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  • Basic Information:
    • Bucket Dimensions:
      • Inner Diameter - 16mm
      • Outer Diameter - 20mm
    • Weight - Approx. 28g
    • Condition - New/Unused
  • Description:
    • The “Charm" – Its 20mm bucket provides ample space for your concentrates, while the absence of a membrane shelf ensures a smooth loading experience. With walls weighing 2.5mm, the Charm strikes the perfect balance between heat retention and distribution!
    • The 35mm dish offers a comfortable surface for your extracts to sizzle and vaporize, all within the embrace of the Charm's well-crafted form. Whether you're a connoisseur or a casual user, the QCB Charm offers an understated yet effective way to enjoy your concentrates!
    • Made entirely with American GE214© 99.9% pure semiconductor-grade quartz
    • Amazing craftsmanship and consistency 
    • The name "Club Banger" originates from around 2012-2013, when Quave first invented and started producing these bangers to be commercially available.  After the he and the crew return to the studio from drinking at the club, they would "bang out" these quartz nails while being in a semi-conscious state (i.e. "borderline blacked out") via muscle memory, hence the name. 
      This episode really illustrates the level of abilities these former MS artists possess, when so many people have trouble making quartz bangers that are half as clean while being completely sober!

  • Please choose desired joint size, type, and angle from the menu, and more importantly DOUBLE-CHECK it!!  
  • Compatible with all of the Carb Caps available here at Timeless Glass Gallery!

  • We HIGHLY recommend avoiding vaporizing materials on imported quartz or titanium, for the following reasons:
    • There is absolutely no oversight/restriction in regard to the quality and composition of materials used. If the material is contaminated, there is a chance that a toxic gas could be released when the nail is heated, through a process called sublimation.
    • While nothing has been medically-proven, we rather be safe than sorry and refuse to expose our customers, and their family and friends, to possible health risks.  We highly suggest doing your own research and making an educated decision.

Vendor: Quave CB

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