Sunset Landscape Drunken Encalmo Raindrop/Latticino Cloud Rig w/ Cap & Slurper Marble Set - 14mm Female

A Real Nobody

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  • Basic Information:
    • Made in Oregon circa 2021
    • Dimensions - 7.25" tall
    • Weight - 322g
    • Condition - New/Unused
    • Included Accessories - Cloud & Crows 14mm plug, Raindrop cap, Raindrop Slurper Pearl set,  corked vial (to store the pearls), Raindrop pendant, Dichro Cloud pendant 
  • Description:
    • Absolutely incredible piece of art - Sunset Landscape Drunken EncalmoCloud/Raindrop rig by A Real Nobody (@arealnobody on Instagram), formerly known as Epok Da Barefoot
    • Beautiful sculpture made from the artist's interpretation of the weather - each raindrop has been formed from his "Drunken Encalmo" section with the sunset and crows painstakingly drawn into each droplet
    • Each cloud has been formed from intricate White Latticino sections - fully-worked from head to toe!
    • An homage to his beloved friend crow whom he successfully rehabilitated back into the wild from near-death 
    • 2-hole pierced perc
    • 14mm female joint
    • Signed "A Real Nobody 2021"

Vendor: A Real Nobody

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