"Dragon Dancing among Glistening Clouds" Kaleidoscope Marble (Borosilicate) - ~5"diameter

Joei Masataka

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    • Basic Information:
      • Made in Hakata, Japan circa 2023
      • Dimensions - ~5" diameter 
      • Condition - New
      • Included Accessories - Handmade wooden box, Crystal stand

    • Description:
      • A masterpiece of intricacy, that took weeks of painstaking effort carving and masking/plating the surface of a clear borosilicate marble - weighing in at over 4 lbs and spanning around 5" in diameter, this massive marble would be a centerpiece in anybody's collection and will command attention wherever it is placed!
      • The Kaleidoscope name derives from the clear window on the front of the marble, which magnifies the intricate and vibrant pattern on the back creating a kaleidoscope-like effect
      • Mind-blowing mural on the sidewall of the marble depicting the famous "Unryuzu" (Cloud Dragon) painting by a 19th Century Japanese artist Koizumi Junsaku
      • On the other side are Koifish climbing up a treacherous waterfall - portraying the traditional Japanese folklore that Koifish who succeeds in doing so will rise up to the sky and evolve into a dragon! 
      • Multi-layered Pearlescent color surrounding the entire marble, with the scales of the Dragon displaying a more Aqua-Purple hue
      • The silver-plating technique used is from a traditional Japanese art style called "Makie(蒔絵)" originated from Ishikawa Prefecture, with a unique and vibrant metallic appearance
      • One of the most intricate, bold, and vibrant application of sandblasted patterns on a borosilicate marble, if not the most

Vendor: Joei Masataka

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