"Head of a Skeleton with a Burning Cigarette" by Vincent van Gogh - 11" x 8.5" Timeless Mood Mat

Mood Mats

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  • Basic Information:
    • Made in New Jersey
    • Dimensions - 11" x 8.5"
    • Condition - New/Unused
    • Included Accessories: Timeless Glass Gallery vinyl sticker
  • Description:
    • The original Mood Mat™, the only surface you should ever set your glass on!  Protect your prized possession or investment from scuffs and damages!
    • Made from upcycled rubber material and very environmentally-friendly
    • Best-in-the-business quality material and printed images, very thick and durable
    • These have been made as a collaborative effort between TGG and Mood Mats, to make sure these iconic works of art are represented as accurately and vibrantly as possible after being printed on a mat!  
    • Every design uses a custom shape in order to preserve the original ratio which requires a custom-size die specific only to this particular artwork, and have been derived from the most detailed and highest-definition photograph of the original artwork, which are then optimized for the Mood Mat printing format.  
    • Please visit lavarubber.com to learn more about moodmats.com's scrap upcycling project


  • Artwork Information:

    • This iconic piece was painted partly as a joke by Van Gogh in early 1886, while he was studying at the art academy in Antwerp. Drawing skeletons was a standard exercise at the academy, but painting them was not part of the curriculum.  The dark earth-tone colors are exemplary of his Dutch routes and painting style he took on early in his career, which drastically evolved into his vibrant and colorful work that he is known for today, once he moved to France.  

      It is believed that he must have made this painting at some other time outside of his lessons, most likely on his own or by himself.  This work indicates that he had a good grasp of the human anatomy, as well as an ability to capture emotion, movement, and story in a painting, which were something his peers frequently criticized him about, such as Van Rappard after seeing the etching of "The Potato Eaters" by Van Gogh.

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