Fumed & Carved Double-uptake Orbital Recycler #1 - Pomegranate - 14mm Female

Bronx Glass

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    • Basic Information:
      • Made in Decatur, GA circa 2024
      • Dimensions - 10.0" tall
      • Weight - 678g
      • Condition - New/Unused
      • Included Accessories - None
    • Description:
      • Amazing craftsmanship with great thickness and weight, from an artist who has been behind the torch for almost 25 years
      • Fully-worked Orbital Recycler with beautiful silver-fuming that contrasts amazingly well with the Pomegranate accents, and the very first example of an Orbital Recycler with two uptakes!
      • Crushed Opal swirl marble in the center of the top chamber or the Orbital 
      • Handmade 14mm Female Joint with opals embellishing the stem 
      • Gridded 9-slit perc


Vendor: Bronx Glass

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