Collab - UV Reactive Opal'd-out Rewig Helitorium Dual-Recycler - 10mm Female

Helraiser419 x Smiff Glass

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  • Basic Information:
    • Made in CO circa 2018
    • Dimensions - 8.0" tall
    • Weight - 368g 
    • Condition - Mint
    • Included Accessories - None
  • Description:
    • Stunning collaboration dual recycler rig by two very skilled artists, perfectly integrating the beautiful work of Smiff Glass with the amazing Helitorium design that is a signature of Helraiser
    • Embellished with amazing Rewig sections and incredible horns with colorful Incalmo, UV reactive Lattice, and HUGE opals encased in the tips
    • 3 other huge opals encased in BluV color above the joint, under the joint, and the rear  
    • Signed "Smiff" on the base

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