Collab Fume Stencil Double Ladder Perc Bubbler

Micah Evans x Kind Glass

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    • Basic Information:
      • Made in Eugene, OR circa 2011
      • Dimensions - 25.5" tall
      • Weight - 917g 
      • Condition - New/Unused but repaired
      • Included Accessories - Matching slide
    • Description:
      • Incredible one-of-a-kind collab piece between two masters!
      • Classic double ladder perc design, an original concept invented by Micah, with very elegant and unique shaping 
      • Beautiful fume stencil sections by Kind on the mouthpiece, top and bottom of the can, and slide!
      • The piece initially arrived to us broken at the bottom of the neck (where the black part is welded to the clear can, it was a clean break and did not affect the shaping or fume section at all), but it has been reattached virtually flawlessly by Mr. E Glass @mreglass!

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