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Collab XL Dichroic Caged Sherlock Bubbler w/ Marble & Jar

Eusheen Goines x Natey Biskind

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  • Basic Information:
    • Made in Denver, CO circa 2011
    • Dimensions - 14.75" Tall
    • Weight - 1099g
    • Condition - Pre-owned
    • Included Accessories - Matching marble w/ stand, corked jar, Pelican Case 
  • Description:
    • Absolutely incredible standup sherlock bubbler by none other than Eusheen Goines and Natey Biskind, loaded with so many of their signature techniques!
    • Many different colors of Dichro particles laid over the stunning aqua blue linework sections for a vibrant and brilliant rainbow appearance
    • Awesome fume implosion marble and dichro-backed reticello marble attachments to fill the spaces
    • Much bigger size than his typical bubblers which are usually around 8" tall, with this one weighing well over 2 lbs and standing almost fifteen inches tall!

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