"Tactical Spatula" Timascus™️ Dab Tool w/ LED-lit Burl Display Stand - Graffiti Resin/Pearl Dichro

Wrong Turn Crafts

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      • Basic Information:
        • Made in New Hampshire 
        • Dimensions - 5.625" long
        • Weight - ~17g 
        • Condition - Brand new/pristine 
        • Included Accessories - Matching Display Stand, Certificate of Authenticity, and other resin goodies

      • Description:
        • 1/1 limited design dab tool 100% handmade from scratch (even the screws, spacers, and washers)a simply amazing feat of labor and craftsmanship

        • Blades are made from the amazing Timascus® material, which are masterfully worked into the shape of a spatula while preserving all of its delicate patterns, luster, and colors

        • Spatula-shaped tip with fluted neck, and built-in hook for the display stand
        • Handle made from Graffiti Resin/Pearl Dichro
        • Two-stage Display Stand made from real wood burl, and the hook to rest the dabber is removable for easy cleaning
        • All of the wood materials have been stabilized in optical-grade resin for maximum durability and longevity, making it extremely resistant to any damage, degradation, or warping from usage and storage.
          - This is done by putting the prepared material in a vacuum to cure, bond, and harden for an extended period of time.

        • All materials, whether corals, wood, or mammoth tusks, have been sourced ethically and sustainably (in other words, picked up off the ground)

        • Handle shape will always keep the tip point away from the flat surface

        •  Sharp hand-sharpened blade - keep away from kids!

        • Comes with a certificate of authenticity