Scrubber Ducky - Magnetic Glass Mini Egg Scrubbers

Scrubber Ducky

  • Basic Information:
    • Condition - New/Unused
  • Description:
    • Magnetic Water Pipe Scrubbers - Drop a magnetic Ducky shaped scrubber into your dirtiest glass and be able to scrub the inside, from the outside.

    • Finally clean up that hard-to-reach grimy spot that always took you forever to get rid of!

    • Use the ultra-strong square magnetic handle to control the felt-covered scrubber magnets from the other side of the glass!
    • Handle magnet is covered in rubber, scrubber magnet is covered in felt to prevent any scratches
    • Includes 5 mini-egg scrubbers (9.5mm x 7.0mm size) 

Vendor: Scrubber Ducky

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