Mushrooms Terp Pearls - 2-piece set

Tacoma Brian

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  • Basic Information:
    • Made in Tacoma, WA circa 2021
    • Dimensions - Approx. 19mm top marble, Pillar mushroom have 6mm stems
    • Condition - New
  • Description:
    • Beautiful fumed mushroom Slurper set by Tacoma Brian, with the top marble featuring a gorgeous black opal suspended inside over a calm blue base
    • Pillar mushrooms have 6mm diameter stems, with the head being about 1.5-2.0x wider
    • Agitate your dabs for a more efficient vaporization:
      • Dabbing with heated pearls will ensure you will not have a puddle of waste leftover, just heat your pearls inside the banger and keep it away from a direct flame!
    • Only works with a Slurper-type banger, with additional path for air at the bottom of the bottom

Vendor: Tacoma Brian

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