"Mandala of Sun and Moon" Coldworked 1.49" Borosilicate Marble

Joei Masataka

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  • Basic Information:
    • Made in Oita, Japan circa 2023
    • Dimensions - ~1.49" diameter 
    • Condition - New
    • Included Accessories - Handmade wooden box, Plastic stand
  • Description:
    • A masterpiece of intricacy, that took weeks of painstaking effort carving and masking/plating the surface of a clear borosilicate marble.  This particular example features a wider kaleidoscope section, letting in more light and enhancing the visual effect compared to his prior work!
    • Amazing scenes of vibrantly bright Sun and darker-tone Moon on each side of the marble, with the opaque black color for the base really making the patterns and colors pop!
    • The silver-plating technique used is from a traditional Japanese art style called "Makie(蒔絵)" originated from Ishikawa Prefecture 
    • One of the most intricate examples of carved patterns on a borosilicate marble, if not the most

    Vendor: Joei Masataka

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