"Lunar Light Mandala" - 29mm/1.15" Topper Marble

Kenan Tiemeyer

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    • Basic Information:
      • Made in Virginia circa 2024
      • Dimensions - 29mm or 1.15" diameter 
      • Condition - New/Unused
      • Included Accessories - None
    • Description:
      • Amazing Honeycomb Mandala marble with crescent moon opal on the other side, absolutely perfect as a topper marble for a Slurper or Auto-spinner banger, and an incredibly heavily worked one at that!
      • Signed and numbered
      • Pictured with a E Ross 4.O Tourbillon Auto-spinner quartz banger and Hoyes Slurper both with 25mm outer diameter (not included)

Vendor: Kenan Tiemeyer

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