Heartseed Specimen Rig - Red - 10mm Female

Dan Getz

  • Basic Information:
    • Made in Allantown, PA circa 2022
    • Dimensions - 8.125" tall
    • Weight - 249g
    • Condition - New/Unused
    • Included Accessories - None
  • Description:
    • Amazing Ship-in-a-Bottle themed rig, featuring a beautifully-sculpted Heartseed Specimen in the main chamber that also functions as a percolator 
    • V2 model that are made with much thicker glass tubing than the previous ones, as well as longer neck and an implosion marble on the rear!
    • 6-hole Heartseed perc
    • Signed "Dan Getz 2022" on the base

    Vendor: Dan Getz

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