GTR Bubble Carb Cap - Pomegranate

Gordo Scientific

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  • Basic Information:
    • Made in Pine, Colorado circa 2022
    • Dimensions - ~1.875" tall
    • Weight - ~20g
    • Condition - New/Unused
    • Included Accessories - Two 5mm clear boro pearls
  • Description:
    • The GTR Cap is a dual channel carb cap that combines the functionality of a Gordo riptide cap and a traditional straight bubble cap. 
    • The two channels have been separated to create the dual functionality which can be operated independently or in coordination with one another. The cap features two openings, one on the handle and one on the bubble. 
    • When in use; a finger placed over the opening of the handle closes the center channel activating the riptide channel. A finger placed over the opening on the side of the bubble, will activate the center channel and make the cap perform like a traditional bubble cap. 
    • This puts more control in the operators finger tips and gives you the option to use a larger spread air stream that a rip tide cap offers, the more direct straight stream that a bubble cap offers, or both at the same time. 
    • Works best with bangers with beveled edges 
    • Fits any quartz bangers offered at Timeless Glass Gallery 

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