Full-Color X-RBR Recycler w/ Fumicello Mib - Aquamania/Black - 14mm Female

Bronx Glass

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    • Basic Information:
        • Made in Decatur, GA circa 2022
        • Dimensions - 7.625" Tall
        • Weight - 475g
        • Condition - New/Unused
        • Included Accessories - Bronx Mood Mat
    • Description:
        • Amazing craftsmanship with great thickness and weight, from an artist who has been behind the torch for over 25 years
        • One-of-a-kind RBR-inspired recycler fully made with the amazing Aquamania color, with a little bit of black on the mouthpiece to tie it up nicely!
        • Carved Bronx logo on the body
        • Opal attached on the neck
        • Dewaar/inverted 14mm Female Joint 
        • 10-slit disc perc - Absolutely spectacular function, the perc and the maria on the downstem really cuts down the drag and make the water flow smoothly up the chamber.  Also with the perfect amount of restriction under the recycling drain for a great vortex/tornado effect and a slow drain with zero splashback.  It is safe to say he totally dialed in this seemingly simple yet complex design!

Vendor: Bronx Glass

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