Fire & Ice Worked Triple-Double - 3x3 Straight Fab Stemline Tube - 14mm Female

Texas Hot Glass

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  • Basic Information:
    • Made in Smithville, TX September 2021
    • Dimensions - 16 1/2" tall
    • Weight - 845g w/o slide
    • Condition - New/Unused
    • Included Accessories - Ice-pinch Slide 
  • Description:
    • Incredibly clean and elegant full-size hybrid tube by Texas Hot Glass, with a high-diffusion perc that stacks like no other thanks to the gridding and more importantly the Swiss Fab holes above the perc. 
    • Not only the Swiss Fab holes provides a much more pleasant, smooth, and drag-free pull, it also drastically reducing chamber volume and makes this piece very suitable for both flower and concentrates, as well as very easy to clear the smoke while preventing virtually any splashback even at a high water level!
    • While we do not usually bring attention to the gender of the artist, she is the only female artist we've ever seen to make full-size tubes such as these at any caliber, let alone at this skill level and craftsmanship! 
    • It really can't be overstated how flawless these tubes are, such as the perfectly aligned and uniform Swiss holes especially with a very thick and durable 50x5mm tubing, very high-quality and thick joint, the gridded perc, etc.  The standard in craftsmanship and quality control is just second to none, as well as the styling!
    • Mouthpiece, base, joint, body, and slide are fully-accented with beautiful Fire & Ice-themed Wigwags 
    • 14mm Female Joint
    • Gridded Stemline perc
    • Matching ice pinch slide included!
    • Individually pictured - the exact piece as pictured is the one you will receive!

    Vendor: Texas Hot Glass

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