Collab Stemline/Turbine Bentneck Tube - Black/White Logo - 18mm Male


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  • Basic Information:
    • Made in CA circa 2012
    • Dimensions - 12.0" tall
    • Weight - 860g
    • Condition - Pre-owned
    • Included Accessories - None
  • Description:
    • Absolutely incredible and super rare piece of functional glass art history, a one-time collaboration between Sovereignty and Hitman, both very high end scientific glass companies at the time (with SG becoming even more sought after)!
    • Although there are said to be 40 pieces made for this series with this design (half with 90° joints, half with 45° joints), the actual number is believed to be much fewer due to Steve from SG not being happy with the aesthetics of the 45° joints (which were also rumored to be assembled by Hitman, as opposed to 90° ones by SG) and other conflicts that happened behind the stage!  

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