CFL Double Donut Uptake Coral Reef Klein Recycler - Garnet over Loki/Double Serum - 10mm Female

W.C. Stearns

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    • Basic Information:
      • Made in Humboldt, CA circa 2021
      • Dimensions - 8.875" tall
      • Weight - 513g
      • Condition - New/Unused
      • Included Accessories - None
    • Description:
      • Beautiful Klein Recycler with dual Donut-style uptakes made by WC Stearns, who has been very well-known for decades from his signature Coral Reef-themed and Dichroic work
      • Features his signature Dichroic work laid over some amazing custom colors, in this case Garnet over Loki's Lipstick and Serum over Opaque Serum (both CFL colors)!   
      • Embellished throughout with sculpted coral reef attachments 
      • Upward-facing 3-hole Jet Perc 
      • Handmade 10mm female joint
      • Signed "WC Stearns 2021"

Vendor: W.C. Stearns

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