Art Nouveau-inspired Integral Dagger Knife w/ Black-lipped Pearl and Gold Accents

Elizabeth Loerchner

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  • Basic Information:
    • Made in Ontario, Canada circa 2011-2012
    • Overall Length - 10.0"
    • Blade Length - 6.5"
    • Blade Material - 440C Stainless
    • Handle Material - 440C Stainless
    • Condition - Mint
    • Included Accessories: Custom carrying case

  • Description:
    • A stunning fixed-blade dagger knife made by Elizabeth Loerchner, a very fine example of her early work that heavily resembles her father's earlier work, with a symmetrical double-edged blade design
    • Created only with manual work that involves no use of power tools at all, just sandpaper and files.  The result is a very intimately-made piece with incredibly precise curves and a flowing silhouette, as well as a virtually-perfect finish, that can be produced only in VERY limited numbers even compared to other knives in this price range and higher.
    • Masterfully accented with a beautiful panel of Black-lipped Pearl and a bit of gold as a complement 
    • Matted handle combined with the mirror-polished grooves provides a great grip

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