Accented 44mm V2 360° Grid Stemline Straight Tube w/ 4-hole Horned Slide - Egyptian Green - 18mm Female

Kenta Kito

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      • Basic Information:

        • Made in California circa 2024
        • Dimensions - 19.0" tall
        • Weight - 932g w/ slide
        • Condition - New/Unused
        • Included Accessories - 4-hole Horned Slide
      • Description:
        • Incredible Stemline straight tube made by Kenta Kito with amazing craftsmanship!
        • V2 Split 360° Grid Stemline perc with colored gridding that is split at the top to increase diffusion by eliminating the top column in order to make the holes fire more evenly throughout the whole perc (as opposed to only the very top row of the perc firing, which is a common complaint in Upgrid Stemlines) - it combines the effortless pull and bubble stacking of upgrid with the increased diffusion and smoothness of downgrid to give you the best of both worlds!
        • 44mm bore diameter
        • Drag-free Splashguard with drip point 
        • 18mm female joint
        • Individually photographed - what you see in the pictures is exactly what you will receive!

Vendor: Kenta Kito

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