20mm OD TerpNado Auto-spinning LSD Blender w/ 6mm thick base - 14mm/90° Joint

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    • Basic Information:
      • Bucket Dimensions:
        • Inner Diameter - 16mm
        • Outer Diameter - 20mm
      • Condition - New/Unused
    • Description from the maker:
      • The TerpNado is crafted with precision, another Vision inside the Globstopper concept series body of work. Wanting to take an intake similar to our dish loading Blender we evolved it to the banger platform. It is a standout in quartz technology, providing a unique and powerful dabbing experience. It goes beyond the ordinary concept of what Quartz imagined. TerpNado Brings style- to deliver exceptional functionality and Another product pioneering the use of Centripetal Force. TerpNado sets new standards for us in many ways. With a focus on both innovation and aesthetics, TerpNado seamlessly combines craftsmanship with custom flamework and cold work, to create a sleek design and a variant function on the Globstopper

        We love the TerpNado 20MM LSD , for its as another design that redefines the possibilities of quartz technology, a fun aesthetic, offering a precisely crafted experience for every parameter.

        Innovative Quartz Series: TerpNado, utilizing custom made air chamber Tech at the top of the piece, to create the best function for this concept. Aesthetic appeal and clarity. marking Another series of products known for their sandblasted intakes that push the market to keep inventing.
        Unique LSD Base Variation: On newest version we’ve added our sandblasted LSD Bottom for additional surface area contact and a thicker dish. The LSD variation, Or Limited Surface Depth On the base of this model, is a distinctive touch. With internal checkers/design on the bottom of this unit, meticulously incorporating more capability for increased vaporization from the bottom, keeping a more temperature controlled heat base. Providing not only a visually striking appearance, but also enhancing the surface area for an unparalleled dabbing experience.
        Craftsmanship and Thickness: The banger is crafted with precision, 20MM base Measurement, featuring a 6MM thick dish that not only adds to its durability, but also ensures an optimal heat retention beyond the standard.
        Centripetal Force Mastery:

        Draws concentrates to the base during rotation, optimizing heat retention and minimizes loss.
        TerpNado utilizes Centripetal Force, revolutionizing the dabbing experience with finely tunable options with heat retention and saving product.
        Maximizes heat in the base rather than the walls for an efficient dabbing experience, giving versatility and options on pearls and accessories.
        Height Comparison Efficiency:

        Distinctive, we would call medium height design avoids rotation towards the walls.
        Maximizes functionality without unnecessary bulk, emphasizing utility and efficiently.
        Precision in Every Detail:

        Custom-made wall sizing, increased surface area tech, and proprietary design features exclusive to BMG Products.
        Meticulous craftsmanship! A lot of planning goes into these ones. With 5 intakes, utilization of directional vapor Techniques, and a Parbilt ground joint manufactured in the USA.
        V2 Upgrade introduces the sandblasted LSD Bottom, enhancing surface area contact for improved vaporization, surface area engaged!

        In Summary:

        One of our Favorite creations. The TerpNado Setting itself apart as Another pioneer unit, utilizing Centripetal Force, and custom technical Assembly. Terpnado is a special and unique variant of the GLOBSTOPPER, Wanting to take an intake similar to our dish loading Blender we evolved it to the banger platform. Ringing in an era of new variations in quartz technology. This Quartz product promises to deliver an earthquake of thunderous function!

        Please choose the desired joint size, type, and angle from the menu, and more importantly DOUBLE-CHECK it!!  Canceled orders are subject to 3.2% processing fee (11% if Sezzle is used to check out)!!

    • We HIGHLY recommend avoiding vaporizing materials on imported quartz or titanium, for the following reasons:
      • There is absolutely no oversight/restriction in regard to the quality and composition of materials used. If the material is contaminated, there is a chance that a toxic gas could be released when the nail is heated, through a process called sublimation.
      • While nothing has been medically-proven, we rather be safe than sorry and refuse to expose our customers, and their family and friends, to possible health risks.  We highly suggest doing your own research and making an educated decision.

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