2019 Dichroic Cube (4.0" x 4.0" x 4.0")

Robert Stephan

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Below is the message from the artist himself, the proceeds from the sale of this cube by Timeless Glass Gallery will be donated for Robert's cause to help his former brother in arms: 

"Up for sale is a laminated glass sculpture, by the artist Robert Stephan. I do not generally post like this but I am on a mission. Some may know that I am a U.S. Navy veteran and I served in the Silent Service during the cold war in the early ‘70s. It’s called the Silent Service since we generally don’t talk about what we did (or didn’t) do! We sailors of the submarine service see ourselves as a brotherhood and to that end is this auction.

I have a submariner ‘brother’, a chief torpedoman, who is in desperate times. Don is retired from the Navy and has been working as an artist/craftsman in his own right. He is a woodworker and model maker extraordinaire! Struggling now with a serious cancer he can no longer work with the wood, chemicals and plastics that he is a master at working with. His struggle is making life’s expenses serious as anybody with such struggles can agree with. OK, there’s the ‘heart-string’ pitch. Now about the glass sculpture I have to offer.

You may or may not know of me and my artwork. This ‘cube’ is approximately 4” in all dimensions, and the silver rotating base is included. (Not the black motorized turntable, sorry.) It is a laminated glass sculpture incorporating the core glass which I cast from my furnace. I make my own glass the real way, out of sand. Melting at 2375f and working it at 2170 degrees f. I cast the glass in a way to trap all the random floating bubbles which in this sculpture reflect the colors in a fascinating manner. The core is cut, polished and laminated with optical coated glass called ‘dichroics’. The colors are ever changing as viewed from varying perspectives. The core is then laminated with three sides using a deep cobalt blue glass. All surfaces are hand polished to achieve the highest quality finish. Standing tall on the manually rotating base it is presented so that it can be viewed in full 360 degrees. 

I would only add that Don’s submarine service, and his absence from his family in order to help preserve our ‘freedom against all foes foreign and domestic’, can be totaled not in weeks or months but in years, and mostly submerged and ready to be the deterrent our submarines are. Our potential enemies know that what you don’t see CAN hurt you! Please help me honor and support this brave man.


Robert W. Stephan"

Vendor: Robert Stephan

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